kTalks – Short videos, unbiased information, strong insights from industry thought leaders.

About kTalks

kTalks are professionally edited, 8 - 12 minute videos that provide distilled, concise, unbiased knowledge and insights from industry thought leaders and subject matter experts like you. kTalks deliver the "This is what you need to know" information on thinly-sliced topics. We have all been to 60 or 90 minute seminars and walked away with 8 - 12 minutes of "useful" information -- this useful information is a kTalk!

We film kTalks in cities all over the country, so if you have an idea for one, please follow the steps in Submitting a kTalk and we will film your talk the next time we are in your area. By sharing your expertise through participation in aecKnowledge, you will be part of a ground-breaking movement that will help elevate the AEC industry. And as a presenter of a kTalk, you will receive a professionally edited, high definition digital copy of your video (.mov and iPhone formats) that you can use for your own marketing purposes.

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