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kTalk Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me, as a presenter, to film a kTalk?

While we are committed to making knowledge available at the lowest possible cost, it is expensive to film and produce each kTalk ($800 - $1,200). We therefore need to charge our presenters $500 to help offset our costs, with payment due when your filming date is confirmed. (Discounted prices and exceptions are available to non- profit organizations and emerging professionals.) Please keep in mind that being featured in a kTalk is a great way to broaden your exposure, further establish yourself as a thought leader, and give something back to our profession. We do accept all major credit cards. After we complete our editing process, we will give you a digital copy and an iPhone copy of your professionally edited kTalk to use for your own marketing and/or training purposes, or to embed in your firm's website.

Can I cancel or change my filming session?

You may cancel or change your filming session up to 48 hours prior to your filming date. If you do not show up for your filming session, you will be charged $150 to offset some of our production costs.

If it is free, why am I being asked for my credit card?

Your card will only be charged if you do not show up for your filming session or do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Filming kTalks are expensive and we need pay our filming crew regardless of whether someone shows up. So the $150 charge covers only a portion of our costs if you do not show up. You may refer to the Cancellation Policy in the Speaker Agreement for more details.

What does it cost to register with aecKnowledge?

There is no charge to register with aecKnowledge or to view kTalks. In the future, there may be premium options/features added for which a small monthly fee is charged.

Who is being asked to present kTalks?

We believe that every professional and thought leader throughout the architecture, engineering, construction and land use planning professions has valuable insights and knowledge to contribute. Therefore, we welcome kTalks containing practical, useful knowledge that will help make industry professionals more creative, productive and efficient.

What should I talk about?

Topics should relate to the AEC industry and provide practical knowledge that professionals can put to use in their practices. Topics should fall under one of these categories: Design, Engineering Systems, Construction Techniques, Integrated Practice and Project Delivery, Building Performance/Sustainability, Technology/BIM, Practice Management/Leadership, Building Codes/Specifications, Career Stages, Education, Government Affairs/Advocacy, Furnishings and Equipment, Products and Materials, Awards and Competitions.

Since the presentation is only 6 - 10 minutes, select a topic that is "thinly sliced". Here are some examples of recently filmed kTalks:

  • Designing Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Building a Global Practice
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Keys to Leading Community Meetings
  • How to Mentor Emerging Professionals
  • Optimal Lighting/Minimal Energy
  • Crafting Your FAIA Application
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property
  • Sustainably Restoring Architectural Icons
  • Designing Law Enforcement Facilities
  • Why Architects Should Consider Pro Bono Work
  • Specification Processes as Quality Assurance
  • Visioning as Part of Your School District Planning Process
  • Performance Based Bonus Systems
  • Modern Design in a Traditional Culture
  • Breathing Life into the Impossible Project
  • Differentiate and Dominate

What if my topic does not fall under any of your categories?

We are always open to new ideas about what knowledge that will benefit AEC professionals. Please select the category that most closely matches your topic and then e-mail your suggestions to kTalks@aecKnowledge.com.

Can I invite other people in my firm to film a kTalk?

Absolutely! aecKnowledge is built on the premise that every professional has valuable insights and knowledge to contribute. However, each kTalk will feature only one speaker. Please share aecKnowledge with your colleagues and encourage them to contribute content to all of our features.

How else can I contribute knowledge?

We love your enthusiasm! We will be rolling out the other features of aecKnowledge over the next several months and will put out a call for content as each feature is launched. If you are registered with us, you will receive an e-mail announcement as these features are introduced.

What organizations is aecKnowledge affiliated with?

aecKnowledge has partnering and affiliation agreements with numerous professional organizations and/or their local and state components, each of whom will have a presence in the kAlliances portion of aecKnowledge. In addition, we are soliciting content from members of most major organizations in the AEC professions, including AIA, ACEC, AGC, ASLA, DBIA, ASRAE, NSPE, SDA, SMPS NIBS, ULI, USGBC and others.

Where will my kTalk be shown?

Your kTalk will be shown on aecKnowledge.com. You will also be given a digital copy of your kTalk to use for your own marketing purposes.

Where else are you filming?

In 2011, we will be filming a various locations throughout the U.S. Check back soon to see our filming calendar.

Who owns the material in the kTalk?

You retain ownership of the content of your video and aecKnowledge owns the video itself. We will provide you with a digital copy of your kTalk to put on your own website. More information can be found in the Speaker Agreement.

What should I wear to my filming session?

Please refer to the kTalk Guidelines for all the details.

Can I include photos or exhibits in my kTalk?

Yes! We encourage you to use photographs, charts or any exhibits that you feel would enhance your presentation. Please refer to the kTalk Guidelines for details.

Can I use other props in my kTalk video?

Because of our filming format, any props would have to be discussed beforehand and tested on set. We reserve the right to make the final decision on whether to allow any props or not.

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