AIA Seattle 2023 Climate Summit


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8 AIA/LU's (HSW units). SAVE 25% by purchasing the 4-part series. ($120 AIA members, $180 non-members)

The increased urgency of our climate crisis and global health emergencies demand responses that recognize decarbonization as directly correlated to health equity and community resilience.

This 4-part thought leadership summit takes a systems-approach to explore high-impact decarbonization strategies that nurture our communities and ecosystems. The courses examine 1) indoor air quality and the right to positive health outcomes; 2) adaptive reuse strategies, the circular economy, and electrification; and 3) case studies demonstrating what “good” looks like through responsible building in projects and practice. How do we redefine “standard of care” to ensure climate-smart solutions? What does it look like to co-create with community to achieve our goals? How do we design resilient and adaptable buildings that can evolve? Ultimately, how do we leverage our shared responsibility to support a sustainable future?

(This continuing education series is licensed for viewing to a single individual. For Discounted Group Rates, please email Melissa@aecKnowledge.com or call 415.755.3058.)

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