Knowledge Partners

By partnering with aecKnowledge, you are forging a strategic relationship that will put your organization on the cutting edge of knowledge sharing, increase your visibility, and elevate the practices of your members. Other benefits for knowledge groups and organizations include:

  • Captures and repurposes knowledge delivered at the local, regional and national levels.
  • Helps your members establish themselves as subject matter experts and promote their expertise throughout the entire AEC industry.
  • Publicizes your knowledge events.
  • Reduces your reliance on expensive and carbon-intensive in-place conferences.
  • Provides additional member-generated content to broadcast on your web site.
  • Provides revenue sources and sponsorship opportunities to fund your other initiatives.

To inquire about the many ways in which your organization can partner with aecKnowledge. Call 415.383.7011 or contact michael@aecKnowledge.com.

Knowledge Sponsors